“Doctor’s told me it was all in my head . . .  that made me feel worse.  I was given a sample of Virasyl and began to feel better after a short time – I am still on it and still making improvements.”  DT, Hall of Fame Athlete, FL

“I normally get colds and flu very easily. I have been taking 1 or 2 capsules everyday for over a year. I haven’t had sick a day since taking Virasyl !!!” SS

“I have always been a high energy person. In ’08 I became very tired all of the time . . . I have been taking Virasyl for 3 weeks and my energy is back to it’s previous high level.
Thank you!” CJ, New York

“After years of suffering from fatigue and sickness due to severe acid reflux and after many doctor’s visits I was given a prescription which was no help.  After just a few weeks of taking Virasyl I immediately noticed an improvement as my energy levels were returning at an amazing rate and the sickness in my digestive tract had ceased.  Virasyl changed my life on to one of quality and wellness.” RP, Webmaster, Florida

“During a very stressful time in my life – moving, working full -time, stressful deadlines, max 4 hours of sleep/night – I took Virasyl and did nothing else for my health; Virasyl kept me healthy and full of energy. I will always keep a supply on hand.” MM, Therapist, Florida

“I had been sick on and off for 17 years. I have been on Virasyl since 2009. My hip pain is gone, I am less fatigued and have more energy.” CK Healthcare provider, Florida.

“I took Virasyl for the overall discomfort and feel better and also noticed that I don’t get fever blisters while I take it.” BD, Photographer, Florida

“It started when I was in high school – it feels like my heart hurts and I have trouble breathing and am sensitive to light but my lab tests are normal. I have been on Virasyl for several months and am able to work part time now.” FD, Engineer, Florida.

“Every month, like clock-work, I suffered through a painful fever blister outbreak. Since I have been on Virasyl, it has not happened. I will never be without it Virasyl!” RB, Manager, FL